Come do outreach in connection with our long term ministries strategically formed towards engaging marginalized people with a loving God through giving dignity, hope and friendship in addition to meeting physical needs. Some of our favorite ministry activities with groups are:

Homeless Plunge - Walk a mile in a homeless person’s shoes. Our staff educate groups on the challenges face by homeless individuals in their every day lives. Participants then spend the day experiencing the city through their eyes and learning by talking to the homeless themselves. 

Homeless Sack Lunch - We go to different neighborhoods in San Francisco and seek out the people who usually feel rather invisble and insignificant(the homeless). We share lunch, listen and share the gospel from a place of genuine care for them fellow children of God.

Food Pantry - Every week we feed hundreds of our neighbors through our food pantry. Groups help hend out the grocery to our friends who are, for the most part, elderly and usually are immigrants.

Massage Parlor Prayer Walk - For high school students and older only - Human trafficking has been a problem for this city since it’s very beginnings. We are hopeful to see it put to an end. Through this prayer walk, groups are educated on the topic and then pray with staff over the very places where this injustice takes place. We are happy to report that some of the locations we have prayed for have closed!

Fun City Exploration Prayer Walks - Who says prayer has to be stationary and boring? Many of our prayer walks are educational and fun as well as spiritually deep. It’s one of our favorite ways to bless our city through prayer.

More about our location:

Monday-Saturday outreaches are available February 23 to August 1, 2015. Weekend outreaches are available September through December 2015. One day outreaches are also available. For pricing and availability for specific dates, please contact us. 

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YWAM San Francisco - Cities Outreach Department


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