Here’s How to Make This Site Work for You!

It’s easier than you think! If you’ve ever written a blog with Wordpress or Blogger, you’ll feel right at home here (If you’ve blogged with Squarespace, then you are right at home!). If you haven’t, you might feel a bit intimidated—believe me, I understand! But don’t fret, you can do this.

Here are some tips to help you get started:  

You Have Your Own Page Under the YWAM Centers Drop Down Menu
  • Be sure to put your contact info on this page, like your base address and phone number. 
  • It would be good to put a link to your base’s website too. Here are instructions on how to create a link again. 
  • I don’t recommend that you post your email address on the site. Instead, you can use the Spiffy Contact Page I’ve set up for you. It will protect your email address from evil spam-bots, (see below).
  • Here’s YWAM San Diego/Baja’s page an example. (Note the “Send me an email” link toward the bottom…)
  • Here’s an excellent article called, Spotlight On: Your YWAM Center Profile Page
You Can Create New Posts Describing Your Outreaches. 
  • First, check out this tutorial that shows you how to create a new Journal entry. It even has a video you can watch! 
  • Create a post for each of your outreach destinations, and be sure to create them in the right geographic category… (i.e. if your outreach is to New Orleans, make sure it’s in the Americas Journal). 
  • Your post should include the destination, the dates you’re going and even the price you’re charging. 
  • Be sure to include a next right step for your potential customer on each outreach post. This could be something like a link to your Base Page (see below) or a phone number to call or a link to your base’s web site. Here are some instructions on how to create a link in your post. 
  • You can include pictures in your post. This tutorial will show you how. Here are some nerdy specs for your photos: JPEG, 72 DPI and no more than 600 pixels wide. Here’s some more info on how to format your pictures.
  • This post on the MA Insider is both informative and entertaining: Spotlight On: Creating Outreach Destinations
You Have a Spiffy Contact Page!

One of the worst parts of the Internets is that little software robots crawl the intertubes in search of email addresses. So if you were to post anywhere on the new site, those nasty little botses will find it and begin sending you messages about buying drugs in Canada, and other, ahem, things—enough said. Thankfully, our new site is smarter than those little monsters. You have a special contact page that hides your address from the bots, but lets real people contact you! Cool, eh?

  • On your YWAM Centers page, you can type Contact Us and then highlight it and create a link to your Contact Page. 
  • You can customize it by getting into the Content Editing mode and clicking on the text. Keep it short though… Here are some instructions for editing your Contacts Page.
  • The email address that these messages go to is the one you used to send me the request to have your own login… If you’d rather it go to a different address, I can easily edit that for you. Lemme know!
  • Again, here’s YWAM San Diego’s you can use as an example. 
  • And I know you’re gonna wanna check this out: Spotlight On: Using the Spiffy Contact Form


But Wait—There’s More!

The Mission Adventures Web Gnomes™ have whipped up a whole bunch more helpful Posts on the MA Insider. Be sure to check them all out!

With all this great online help, you’re bound to succeed! You can do this!