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Bio-Filters and Red Brick Roads

Hey all! We are somewhere in Asia again. Cambodia to be exact! Before we head out here is a snapshot of our time :)

A team of 6 from Christchurch NZ and I came here to Siem Reap. For two weeks we taught english, talked to people in the streets, and went to villages to build and teach how to build bio-sand filters. These filters bring clean drinking water to those in the villages who for the most part all drink dirty well water filled with dirt and bugs. Building these filters, though a great experience and wonderful gift for the people, is nothing in comparison to the rest. 

While we helped build these tanks out of cement, sand, and rocks, (seriously its amazing what you can do with such ordinary elements) we played with kids and told the people about Jesus. I was once again reminded of the simplicity and gift that the gospel is. God loves us, all of us. He came down to a broken world to give people a way back to wholeness, to Himself. What beauty, what love. Watching the faces of those who have never heard of Jesus or the hope He brings was priceless as they began to encounter God and realise what it means to have Jesus in their lives. 

Tomorrow I fly to another part of Asia. I will once again tell people about Jesus and thank God for the incredible privilege I have to be able to share with those who have never heard of Jesus before or have not known the truth of who is actually is.  Living in the west I often forget how much the name a Jesus is taken for granted. It is so easy to think that we have all heard about Him or know who He is. The truth is though that no matter how many times we hear His name it is not enough. We exist to know Him and friends let me say that knowing Him is the greatest existence there is.  

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