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Blessed with the Word

Below is a story from a participant who came with his youth group this summer and went to Costa Rica…

We met one woman in particular who seemed very happy to see us. We gave her the bible and she thanked us profusely. When we asked her if she had any prayer requests, she gradually began to break down into tears. I quickly found myself outside of a fully Spanish conversation; I was only picking up little fragments of what was being said by the woman and the two native speakers. After we had finally said our goodbyes, the translators told me that this woman had been praying for someone to come talk to about her abusive husband and her sick grandchild. Even though I missed most of the conversation, I could see how we had really blessed the woman, and I could see how God was using us to touch people who need prayer and to bless people with the Word to read. I am very thankful for that experience.” 

- Willis, Costa Rica Outreach


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