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Back to Life

From a student this summer about how God brought him back to life while he handed out sandwhiches and coffee to homeless people in Costa Rica. 

“In my every day life at home things become very routine … It gets to the point where my life is so boring that I feel like I’m watching myself go through it … But this week has been quite different.
On Monday night we did homeless outreach after dinner, and we were handing out bags of soap and Chapstick, along with sandwiches and cups of coffee. It was during this time that I realized that for the first time in a very long time, it didn’t feel like I was watching someone else live my life for me. I was completely engaged in what I was doing. I wasn’t just going through the motions of being a person, I felt like I was really living, and I was living for a purpose …
I was fully engaged because, even though my interactions didn’t really consist of more than giving them food and saying “You’re welcome” when they thanked me, I understood that even though I may never see the fruits, I planted seeds for Christ, and I never felt more alive.”
- Trent


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Blessed with the Word

Below is a story from a participant who came with his youth group this summer and went to Costa Rica…

We met one woman in particular who seemed very happy to see us. We gave her the bible and she thanked us profusely. When we asked her if she had any prayer requests, she gradually began to break down into tears. I quickly found myself outside of a fully Spanish conversation; I was only picking up little fragments of what was being said by the woman and the two native speakers. After we had finally said our goodbyes, the translators told me that this woman had been praying for someone to come talk to about her abusive husband and her sick grandchild. Even though I missed most of the conversation, I could see how we had really blessed the woman, and I could see how God was using us to touch people who need prayer and to bless people with the Word to read. I am very thankful for that experience.” 

- Willis, Costa Rica Outreach


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Bio-Filters and Red Brick Roads

Hey all! We are somewhere in Asia again. Cambodia to be exact! Before we head out here is a snapshot of our time :)

A team of 6 from Christchurch NZ and I came here to Siem Reap. For two weeks we taught english, talked to people in the streets, and went to villages to build and teach how to build bio-sand filters. These filters bring clean drinking water to those in the villages who for the most part all drink dirty well water filled with dirt and bugs. Building these filters, though a great experience and wonderful gift for the people, is nothing in comparison to the rest. 

While we helped build these tanks out of cement, sand, and rocks, (seriously its amazing what you can do with such ordinary elements) we played with kids and told the people about Jesus. I was once again reminded of the simplicity and gift that the gospel is. God loves us, all of us. He came down to a broken world to give people a way back to wholeness, to Himself. What beauty, what love. Watching the faces of those who have never heard of Jesus or the hope He brings was priceless as they began to encounter God and realise what it means to have Jesus in their lives. 

Tomorrow I fly to another part of Asia. I will once again tell people about Jesus and thank God for the incredible privilege I have to be able to share with those who have never heard of Jesus before or have not known the truth of who is actually is.  Living in the west I often forget how much the name a Jesus is taken for granted. It is so easy to think that we have all heard about Him or know who He is. The truth is though that no matter how many times we hear His name it is not enough. We exist to know Him and friends let me say that knowing Him is the greatest existence there is.  


Sin City to Grace City

These are the few of the hundreds of missionaries come through YWAM Las Vegas this year!  This is from one of the youth leaders:  “What a radical week we had at Mission Adventures in Vegas! You guys stepped out so boldly in your faith and God brought healing and restoration to His children in response! I couldn’t be more proud of you [Mission Adventures Missionaries]- you absolutely killed it. Can’t wait to see how you change your high schools in even bigger ways this fall!”


A Deep Work

Below is a story from one of our summer staff about the transformation we saw in the life of one specific teenager …

“When Steven came he was very energetic and out going. He would randomly yell stuff out in our room and jump on people’s beds. But he was distant and disconnected in times of worship and prayer. He didn’t seem like he was really connecting with God.
The first night of program we like to bring the focus on Jesus. He is the entire reason why we are run mission trips so we want to make sure that our hearts are focused on Him for the rest of the week. That night during the time of reflection and prayer first no one was coming up for prayer. So I approached Steven during ministry time and asked if I could pray for him. He was really quiet but allowed me to pray for him. As the week progressed I saw him more involved and excited in our times of worship, outreach, and prayer.
The last night he approached me and asked for prayer. He wanted more boldness to reach his friends for Jesus. Me and one other prayed for him and it was really great. I believe that God was doing a deep work in him that maybe he wasn’t fully aware of.

A few days later the youth pastor came back to visit. She said that the change in Steven had been amazing; that his mom saw him in the back of the car reading his bible, and he wasn’t doing that before. His mother also sent our Director a message talking about the change in his life. ” 

- Juan, MA Summer 2015 Staff


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Obedience and Salvation

Below is a story from a student who went with us to the Dominican Republic this summer…

 “In the days leading up to my trip to the Dominican Republic, all I could think about was getting there and jumping in to ministry. I couldn’t wait for God to use me and show me His heart for the people I would meet! But when I arrived in the Dominican Republic, all I could think about was going home, which I knew was an attack by Satan. I prayed against it because I knew I was there for a reason; somehow I knew my team would see people accept Jesus, and I didn’t want to miss a single moment.

The next morning I was still a little unsure about being there, but my team prayed together and then we went out to do ministry and evangelism. It was a beautiful day - warm with a light breeze, and people were outside playing, doing laundry, and just hanging out.

As we were walking down the street, we were also asking God who we were supposed to talk to. There were people everywhere, and they were all so friendly and welcoming - we didn’t know where to start! Then, God brought our attention to a man who was sitting quietly in front of his home. We slowly approached him, though we weren’t sure what to say at first. Introducing ourselves and asking his name seemed like a good place to start, so that’s what we did. He was kind and open, but I could tell he was a little confused about our presence there. The more we spoke, though, the more comfortable he became with us, and he slowly began to open up.

Eventually our conversation turned to spiritual things and I knew God wanted to communicate to this man how deeply He loves him. I explained the simple Gospel to him while he listened, staying intently focused on what we were saying, despite all the noise and commotion going on around us. We asked him if he had accepted Christ into his heart, and when he said he hadn’t, we asked him if he wanted to. He said, “Yes,” and we led him through a simple prayer as he committed his life to Christ for the first time!
After we prayed, his countenance was different. Where there was once a hint of sadness, there was now a glimmer of hope. A blank stare was replaced with a light that now shines in his eyes.
Then I heard God say to me, “See? I will use anyone, if they will only obey me. I can change hearts, just obey me.”

I’m so thankful God used me, even when I wasn’t sure I waned to be there. He spoke, we obeyed, and now we have a new brother in Christ!”

- Kadesh, age 12

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Living the Island Life. 

Hey there Mission Adventure Family! 

Just wanted to send you all a quck little update from YWAM Bethlehem’s FIRST EVER Mission Adventures trip to Fiji! Let me just start by saying it was an EPIC time! So fun, So challenging, So lifegivng. 

We took a total of 33 peopel from a school up in Auckland and split them into two teams and sent them on their way to Fiji! Both our teams had such an incredible times. We prayed for the sick in the hospital and saw major healings, we played with kids at a special needs school and saw more joy in their eyes than I have ever seen,we went to villages and prayed for their chief, we went to prisions and ministered to the inmates, we went to the markets and told people about Jesus, we went snorkaling and we even managed to help save a girl who was about to drown! I am telling you, such an incredible time with these young peopel!

Here were 2 of my Favorite stories from the trip:

On the last night before we went home, everyone sat and gave one word/ sentence of what the trip meant to them. One of the boys, who had been a bit quieter than the rest of the group, looked up at the group and said, “I finally felt like I belonged.” I dont know about the rest of you but this brought tears to my eyes. We are all looking for belonging and purpose, for this young man to have found that in Jesus at such a young age was just so amazing to hear. 

During that same night I asked the kids to tell one highlighted story from their time. Another young man came to give this story: “Two days ago I was at the hospital praying for a man who hadnt gone home in a long time because he was sick and couldnt eat. Yesterday when I was walking to the market my shoe broke. I bent down to fix it and when I got back up the man in front of me turned towards me, started to cry, and hugged me. This man was the one I had prayed for the day before in the hospital. He was better after we prayed for him and he had just gotten out of line for buying a ticket home.” This story blew my mind. Not only did this young man have the courage to pray for the sick, but God in His infinate goodness and kindness, let him see the result of that prayer the next day!

The rest of our trip was just like these previous stories. God did so much in and through all of us. We are headed to Tonga at the end of the week and I am so expectant of God to do another great work in and


through the lives of more of these young Kiwi Kids! 



Not Just for Adults

Below is a story from Youth Pastor who brought his group to us this summer…

“Austin, one of the youth, and I were walking back to meet up with everyone after doing Survey Sweep.Walking down the boardwalk we saw this lady, who was in a wheelchair, and her caretaker. We decided ‘why not talk to one more person’ and just went up and started talking. We found out that her caretaker, is her husband and a local pastor in downtown Orlando. His brother happened to be there as well, visiting from Puerto Rico. We were telling them about what we were doing when the Pastor stopped us and asked us to tell his brother about the gospel with him as the translator for us. So we did. 
Afterward the pastor asked his brother is he understood and if this was something he wanted to commit to, a life with Christ, and he said yes! So the Pastor turned back to us and asked us to walk his brother through the confession of faith with him. It was amazing that God showed up after we thought we were down with ministry and used us to help a Pastor bring his brother into a relationship with the Lord.
Having a student with me was even better than just doing it myself. Hopefully it showed him that it’s not just something for adults, but he as well has the chance to talk to people and lead them to Christ.”

- Heath, Youth Pastor in Ohio

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From the Inside Out

Below is a story from one of our summer staff about the transformation we saw in the life of one specific teenager …

   “One week was really a great week of Mission Adventures for a local youth group form here in Clermont. The group was from a church that seemed to be pretty traditional. The leaders were hungry for more of God and wanted their students to encounter God in a new way, which they did. During that week the students learned about different injustices in the world that really stirred them to want to see change in the world through Jesus Christ. Then they went as a group, with one of our leaders, to the Dominican Republic and got to show the people there Gods love.

   One student specifically, Dale, had a life changing experience. He had struggled with many areas in his life, particularly with drugs and alcohol, and the Lord came in and showed Dale the love He has for him. When asking Dale what his favorite part of the week was he said “the worship, I’ve never felt God so close”.  Hearing this showed me that this young man’s life had been changed in a great way and he has now seen God in a new way and has experienced this during times of intimacy and worship with God, taking him from a struggling past to seeing the goodness of God in the midst of it. Since that week, Dale has come back to visit us here at our weekly community night, confirming that he really is now committed to the things of God that he experienced in a short two week mission trip.”


- Caleb, MA Summer 2014 Staff

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God Transforms Lives

We just started our first week of #MissionAdventures for this summer at our San Antonio del Mar campus of YWAM San Diego/Baja! We had an amazing first day. Our team of 15 students and leaders from Grace Church of Mohemet in Illinois arrived around 1:30 PM (PST) after travelling since 3:00 AM (CST). They got situated into their rooms and then after a very brief “don’t drink the water” orientation, they hit the ground running.

They joined our full-time missionaries and training students for a ministry called Zone Kids.  Zone Kids is a ministry that a few of our missionaries started a few years ago after studying about Children at Risk.  Zone Kids focuses on the children and families living in the Red Light District of Tijuana, MEX by sharing the Love of God with them through games, crafts and Bible stories. 

One of the highlights of the Zone Kids Ministry is the Prayer Walk.  Missionaries, students and teams walk around a designated area to pray for the neighborhood, invite people to experience God’s love making connections with Zone Kids and handing out small trinkets like bars of soap or tooth brushes.  As our Mission Adventures students were walking around praying for the community, they had an encounter that changed the course of their expectations.  In the words of one of our missionaries, Michelle Sharrow, “We intercepted a man on the street about to buy some drugs & he ended up giving His life to Jesus! Pray that God continues doing miracles in the lives of the people we’re serving as well as the youth that are here expecting to be transformed from the inside out.”

1 Timothy 4:12 says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

We firmly believe that these high school students were exactly where they were supposed to be for this encounter and were able to stand strong, setting an example to this young man in their words, conduct, love, spirit, faith & purity.  Praise the Lord! We can’t wait to see what else He has in store.

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Photo Credit: Michelle Sharrow


Weekend Missions Experience

   Here at YWAM Orlando we are now offering weekend mission trips for youth teams. ‘Missions Exposure’ was birthed out of the need we found in local youth groups for an introduction to the world of missions and a shorter trip.

   What can be said about Missions Exposure weekend? One could say a mouthful, the good, the bad, the odd! When working with teenagers you often encounter the odd, a lot. Missions Exposure weekend is essentially a two day crash course on missions through the eyes of a YWAM Orlando missionary, “The Good, The Bad, The Odd!” 

   “This past weekend 30 teens from the central Orlando region ascended on the beautiful campus of YWAM Orlando. They played games, worshipped, heard first hand stories from the field, received teachings about different areas of missions, evangelized in the streets of downtown Winter Garden and some even dedicated their future to doing missional work! Let’s also not forget that relationships were established. There was even a beautiful fire and eating of s’mores.  

   One story that resounds in my heart is hearing the life challenge one individual received after sitting through the Justice in Missions teaching. His heart was fully opened to hearing about how to do justice. He described as this, “There isn’t a complex formula to ministry or missions. All one needs is to have the heart of Jesus as to love others and help out those that are struggling in life.” This guy’s heart was changed towards missions without a doubt. For me, as a missionary, my soul was rejuvenated this past weekend while pouring into the lives of these 30 youth.” - Lee Hardy, YWAM Orlando Staff

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MA Spring Break Recap

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words but I’m wondering how many a video would be? HUM??  Well, while our computer monkies try to do the math on that one, check out this video of one of our Spring Break teams from Modesto, CA.  Shelter Cove Community Church have been coming to Ensenada, Mexico for their spring missions experience for the past 10 years. This year, they brought nearly 100 students & leaders.  Here is a recap of their trip. 



Want to experience something similar? We have trips to Rosarito & Ensenada, Mexico starting at $535 per person.  Contact us today!!


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Coming to Life

    This past week I staffed a Mission Adventures program, mission trips for youth groups, and had the privilege of witnessing teenagers come alive. During our Gospel presentation night, the kids listened as people shared testimonies and told them about being in God’s glory, and how God gave His Spirit to us through His Son. With lights dimmed and music playing, Aaron challenged the kids to go and talk to one of us on staff if they wanted to begin a relationship with Jesus for the first time, or if they wanted to be prayed over. At first no one moved. We waited..and waited…and waited some more. I was starting to wonder if anyone was going to actually move.

   Suddenly, two 6th grade girls came over to me with tears in their eyes. Maddie was a quiet girl who was hard to get a peep out of, even when you were talking with her directly. She shyed away from the rest of the group and edged to the corners of the room. When she came up to me, honestly I was shocked she was being so bold getting up when only one other person in the room made a move. She told me how she thought she’d had a relationship with Jesus, but she wanted Him to be a reality in her life. “I dunno, I just feel like I’ve never actually known him.” she told me, “I grew up with it in my house, but I’ve don’t know that I’ve ever ACTUALLY known him.”.  I heard God whisper in my heart, “tell her that I’ve always been there. Tell her that I’ve always been right there…”. I also felt lead to pray for the knowledge in her head to go to her heart through the empowering of the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit is the agent that God gave us to make Jesus a reality! So we prayed together and continued on. 

   The rest of the week I was floored to see Maddie really was. She was funny, outgoing, intelligent, and insightful. She came to life with the other kids and actively participated. She shared her faith with strangers, and developed a heart for India! Hallelujah!!

- Bailey Danely, YWAM Orlando Staff 

This story comes from our Spring Break Orlando outreach.
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YWAM Nashville Mission Adventures

YWAM Nashville’s calling is to train and equip young people to go out into the nations and  preach Gods Love.
We do this through various mean. Mission Adventures is one of the means we use to reach the world.

At Mission Adventures we will do everything from work projects to community events to Evangelism

YWAM Nashville  Mission Adventures Program is primarly focused on evangelism. We have many many outreaches planned for 2014, with most of them centered in Memphis along with one in Nashville. Our leader Aaron Hurd, has a burning desire to get young people involved in missions.



This is our Leader Aaron Hurd. His passion and heart for the lost is something that inspires anyone who works with him.



Here is out Mission Adventures staff for 2014 :



YWAM Nashville Outreach Information



March 23-27 2014—Memphis

June 29-July 4 2014 Memphis


For more information please contact YWAM Nashville at:

615-696-3096 or Email :



An Appointment That Forever Changed Their Lives

So this isn’t the usual MA related post although in a roundabout way it is because you see Nick & Aubrey met during a MA trip in Ensenada, Mexico in 2007 (she was staffing & he was a youth leader). Fast forward to today and they are married, have a gorgeous son and a daughter on the way. They have served with YWAM in Mexico and the DR and are now in the mission field in their home town of Fremont, CA. 


Please join us this Thursday & Friday (Jan 30-31) in fasting & prayer for Leilah Jubilee, daughter to be born to Nick & Aubrey Rodrigues on Feb. 10. She was diagnosed with Anencephaly, a fatal neural tube defect affecting the formation of the skull and brain. But the God we serve is the GREAT Physician and we know that He is Almighty and Powerful. Nick & Aubrey are ‪#‎ywamers (served with YWAM San Diego/Baja & YWAM San Pedro - Dominican Republic) although they have taken a break from the international mission field. Please stand with us & you can leave encouraging notes & hear more of Leilah’s story on the Facebook page Prayers for Leilah Jubilee Rodrigues.


Share this with the world. Let’s get behind this family and stand in the gap for them.  You can follow their journey & hear Aubrey’s real, raw journey on her blog, Our Path To Leilah.


Nick & Aubrey Rodrigues (and soon to be born Leilah)


Pancake Justice


Why Mission Adventures Is Effective

This article is awesome—When you’re done here, click the pic to go read it!
Michael Simmelink wrote a great article that’s published on He finds that while our motivations are good, we Christians can do a better job in short-term missions. He gives three principles that can guide us to be more effective:
“First, short-termers should only be doing projects that are in partnership with long-termers.”
The great thing about Mission Adventures is that we are doing this for you—we are the long-termers, and we’re inviting you to participate in our ongoing mission efforts around the world.
“Second, mission teams need to recognize the type of aid they are giving and if it is appropriate for the setting.”
Again, we take care of this for you. In many cases you’ll be invited to participate in relevant community development projects that have lasting impact even after your team leaves. 
“Third, the community that is being served must be included in the plans.”
We strive to work closely with local churches in the field so that pastors and community leaders can guide our efforts. 
Simmilink closes his article with these words, “I sincerely think a cross-cultural project of any kind is essential to gaining a wider perspective on the world… However, it is time that Christians no longer hang their hats on their intentions; it is time to look hard at the results and decide if we are tangibly making a difference in the world.” I couldn’t agree more, and I’m confident that when teams participate in our Mission Adventures outreaches, that we’re doing our best to follow these principles to “bring the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.” 



Norway Takes Over Tijuana by Martine Tonnessen

Photo by Martine TonnessenA couple of months ago, I got wind that Hedmarktoppen school in Norway was traveling to Mexico - to the base in Tijuana. Even though I am no longer working with YWAM and just go to school in San Diego, I pulled a few strings and was allowed to come down to help with “X-sport” team. Rumors would have it that the leader of that group was one of my friends from back home. The rumors were true!

Because of school, I was only able to join the team Friday through Monday. Even though I was only able to be there for a short time, I got to know a team filled with amazing young people with big hearts and lot of humor. In addition to X-sport group was a Dance Class from Hedmarktoppen there too, so we all got to hang out! It was crazy - it was like 50 Norwegians in Mexico! When I was on staff, I used to be the only one!

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Internship in San Francisco

If you love Mission Adventures students as well as the homeless and would like to spend a few months in San Francisco then have we got a deal for you! Our next internship starts May 27 and those accepted can join us here in ministry until August 3 for just $700(which includes food,housing and transportation related to ministry). You must be 18 years old or older to apply.

Please apply at and contact Lindsay at 415-885-6543 or cod@ywamsanfrancisco with any questions. 


Pine Ridge - Transforming Hearts

 Summer of 2012 proved to be yet another summer of heart transformation on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. As YWAM Minneapolis Mission Adventures we have been taking groups out to South Dakota to serve the native people for 6 years and each year we see more fruit! Four groups were sent off from the Minneapolis YWAM base and came back having been used and transformed on the reservation this summer.


“Pine Ridge opened my eyes to suffering in America”, one student wrote. Most of our time on the reservation is spent in a town named Allen where we help out full time missionaries who live there. Groups that go to Allen help to lead a Vacation Bible School for the kids, help out in practical ways around the property and also get the chance to travel to Whiteclay, NE to experience the streets and talk to the people that call them home. To hear more about Whiteclay read one of our staff member’s accounts from this summer – Facebook notes - Midnight, Nebraska . We try to focus our attention on building relationships with the children in order to show them God’s love, a form of affection they have never experienced.


“I went to pick up kids in Allen. This girl named Elesha was waiting so patiently for us to go to her house. When we pulled up she started dancing and was so happy we came.”Many of the students who come to Allen have never witnessed living conditions like those of the children who come to the Vacation Bible School. “It was a very impactful experience. Seeing the conditions that the people here have to live in and how much they are hurting was sobering. It was fun to interact with the kids and show them love.”


These are some of the things that God taught our students in Pine Ridge this summer: “Importance of listening to His voice and following His lead, it’s ok to have a broken heart for others, America is just as much of a mission field as Haiti, His love for me is unconditional & it’s important that I receive that love so I can give it to others, prayer is easy.” 


In front of this cross you see posts, each post has a word painted on it - strongholds over the reservation along with things Christ has already overcome. This is a place of prayer and peace to bring petitions to God.