Promote Your Ministry to the Thousands of Teens Who
Participate in Mission Adventures

The Mission Adventures Network will distribute thousands of Mission Adventures Journals to high school students who participate in Mission Adventures outreaches in 2011. 

This Is A Highly Focussed Marketing Opportunity
The young people who read Mission Adventures Journal are:

  • Interested in Missions
  • Familiar with Youth With A Mission
  • Will have participated in a Short-Term Outreach

In short, these are future DTS students, future staff and future missionaries! 

The Mission Adventures Journal Is A Keepsake
The journal is designed so that each student will use it during their outreach and when they go home. It includes 30 daily devotions that encourage the student to write down their thoughts and experiences. This makes the journal a highly personal keepsake—something that they take home. We often hear reports that students continue to refer to their journals long after their outreach is over.

Your Message Will Stick
Since the students interact with their journal on a daily basis during their outreach, they’ll see your ad multiple times. And when they take the journal home, your message goes with them too. Don’t miss this chance to promote your ministry!

It’s Economical
Ads start at just $300 for a half page. A full page is $500, and a two page spread is only $900. If just one student responds to your ad, you’ll have it paid for and more! 

Ad Space Is Limited; Order Before December 1!
You can purchase your ad space right now with your credit card. We’re using Google’s secure Checkout service. Just choose your ad size below and click “Buy Now” to enter Google’s service.


Technical Details
Reserve your ad space by December 1, 2010. The MA Journal will be printed in full color on a 5 inch by 8.25 inch sheet. It will be printed at 133 line screen, (133 LPI).  All ads can include bleed. Just add .125 inches of bleed to your art if you want it to bleed off the page. Submit your ad as a high resolution, press ready PDF, or an uncompressed TIFF file. Be sure to keep a backup copy. Have your nerd contact Craig for more information on file formats or technical questions. 

Submit Your Ad by December 8, 2010