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Meet our Newest Team member!

My name is Hannah, and I am the newest member of mission adventures NZ! I first discovered my passion for missions when I was 16. I went on my first short term mission trip to Panama with my youth group. It was then that I saw that most of the world didn’t live like me, and I realized that I was so privileged to grow up not only knowing about Jesus, but also having all my physical needs met! That’s what has led me here, to YWAM, and more specifically Mission Adventures. I have a passion to see Jesus made famous in the nations and I believe that you are never too young to share you faith and make a difference (while having an EPIC time!). The goal as a part of mission adventures would be for each student that comes on one of our trips would go home with a similar story to mine. Whether God calls them to missions full time or even to share their faith in their school. Students would come home with a passion to share the gospel!


We have 3 trips planned to take 50+ students to Cambodia, Fiji, and Vanuatu! We are so pumped, and we can’t wait to see this ministry grow in the coming years!

My first mission trip when I was 16!


WAVES in Rostrevor Slideshow!

Here’s three minutes of the wild, wacky, and meaningful moments that made up our 2015 International WAVES Gathering: 


WAVES ‘15 In Rostrevor, Northern Ireland from Craig McClurg on Vimeo.

A really big Thank You goes out to Masha Shulgin for taking most of these amazing pics. And thank you too, to the one and only Beth Konrath for sharing her pics too! 



Unbound Playlists

Music can change the atmosphere … and it can also kill it. 

As we were gathered for the Theme Team Extravaganza and came to the conclusion of ‘Unbound’ we felt it was important not only to supply everyone with a catching phrase and t-shirt, but to help them make the theme come alive in every aspect of program. A lot of us already do this for our own programs, but one of the main points of being apart of the network is to be there for each other; help each other out, share resources and be in community.

God spoke very clearly and loudly that we are to address three areas; Identity, Idolatry and Bravery. We have spent time searching through days of music looking for songs that focus on these areas. Below is the outcome of that time for your use :) Enjoy!

You can dowloand the pdf here



Official 2015 Hashtags

Okay yall, here is the official theme hashtag!

As always go ahead and hashtag the network, #MissionAdventures , and your own campus
Also this year we have a second hashtag in reference to the theme, but as a testimony signal. This year we are encouraging students to stand up and stand out for their faith; even just 20 seconds of bravery can change the world. So if a student in your program is brave, let us know! This can look like a student sharing their testimony even though they were terrified, sharing the gospel with someone when they thought they were going to be rejected or even worshipping in public. Share these stories of students standing up and standing out for their faith by hashtagging #20secondsbrave (to sum it up : do not to use this on every MA photo, only for signaling a testimony of bravery)

I’m excited to see the photos!!!!!!!



Fundraising Pamphlet

Hello yall!

I have been busy creating resources for youth pastors coming with YWAM Orlando and figured I woul tweak everything so that yall could use these resources as well.

I’ve created a Fundraising Pamphlet that will hopefully help youth pastors as they raise funds to bring their youth group to a Mission Adventures program. Inside of the pamphlet are fundraising ideas, success testimonies (I’m still hoping to add more so if you have any youth pastors with create fundraising success …. contact me) and resources. 

Hope your youth pastors find this helpful :)
Rebekah Gervasi 

Fundraising Pamphlet PDF


Speaker Notes!

Some of the 2015 MA Theme Teamers worked like crazy and put together some awesome Speaker Notes for this years theme: Unbound | Stand Up - Stand Out! These notes expand upon our theme and offer a guideline for your speaker for each session during your week. God spoke a LOT during the Theme Team and these notes help capture the breadth and depth of the theme by weaving in stories, images, and words that were received. 

A great way to use this resource is to develop your own Speaker Packet to send out to your speakers before they come. Not only will they get to know the theme, but they can learn more what to expect during a cycle of Mission Adventures.

Here are some things you can include in a Speaker Packet:


  • A Welcome Leader from the MA Leader
  • A copy of the Theme Statement 
  • A tentative week schedule highlighting when sessions will be
  • A page with some basic information about your base or history of MA at your location
  • The YWAM Foundational Values (especialy if your speaker is new to YWAM!)
  • The Speaker Notes



We have included an example Speaker Packet from MA in Ensenada, Mexico and hope you find it a helpful springboard for starting communication with your speakers. The packet is available in PDF and .pages - feel free to edit for your location. Below are also the speaker notes in both formats as well. 

Looking forward to all that God will say through our awesome speakers this year! 






MA Sessions 

As we gear up for 2015 and the UNBOUND theme, we are starting to get organized for each element of the program. Such a huge part of what makes MA special is the emphasis on discipleship and teaching - it’s not just service… it’s sessions too! Sessions don’t only give us an opportunity for building comradery and having fun, but are a vehicle for speaking into kids lives. So what kind of “stuff” goes into these sessions?

Here’s a peak at what sessions look like in Ensenada, how we organize them, and some tips for running sessions smoothly. Attached below you’ll find a document with all of that information, templates you can customize to your needs, and suggestions for making a sessions binder to keep things moving.

It’s important to flexible, but also to be prepared. We can let our value of excellence come through in the way we run sessions - from the powerful talk to the messy games. Cheers to 2015 and the awesome impact MA is having around the world!

Click HERE for the file in .pages
Click HERE for the PDF



2015 North American Internships

Don’t miss out!



Introducing the 2015 Theme!


Stand Up | Stand Out

Our theme for 2015 comes from the story of Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego from Daniel 3. These dudes turned twenty seconds of bravery into massive change for a whole empire. Check this theme statement out: 

MA 2015 Theme Statement | Unbound | Right Click this Image and You’ll Get a 44KB PDF Soon we’ll create a page with lots more information and resources for this theme. 


Games Guide!

Need new inspiration for goofy fun and crazy games? Here is our Games Guide from MA in Ensenada. It’s split into two categories: Short/Messy games that are great for AM Sessions or Long/Group games that are perfect for burning off whatever energy is left at the end of the day. 

We keep ours in a Sessions Binder at the sound booth for quick reference if we need a game. Hopefully you find it helpful! Can’t wait to kick off MA 2015! 

Click HERE for the Game Guide!



Wordless Signs

We are doing a “Wordless Sign” outreach here in Vegas. Each person creates a painting or drawing with no words. We then go to the strip and hold our paintings up to display to the hundreds of people walking by at the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd. and Tropicana. We craft our own message based on what the obvious question that someone will ask. Then we wait until someone walking by asks a question. For example one 16 year old kid painted a picture of a head with no face. People passing by would say, “What is with the head?” He would respond by saying, “the world sees you as a faceless being with no identity-a consumer. But Jesus loves you. The Bible says that God has the number of the hairs on your head counted. He knows you. You have a face.” Many encounters with God have occurred right in front of the MGM Grand!


Not Just for Adults

Below is a story from Youth Pastor who brought his group to us this summer…

Austin, one of the youth, and I were walking back to meet up with everyone after doing Survey Sweep. Walking down the boardwalk we saw this lady, who was in a wheelchair, and her caretaker. We decided ‘why not talk to one more person’ and just went up and started talking. We found out that her caretaker, is her husband and a local pastor in downtown Orlando. His brother happened to be there as well, visiting from Puerto Rico. We were telling them about what we were doing when the Pastor stopped us and asked us to tell his brother about the gospel with him as the translator for us. So we did. 
Afterward the pastor asked his brother is he understood and if this was something he wanted to commit to, a life with Christ, and he said yes! So the Pastor turned back to us and asked us to walk his brother through the confession of faith with him. It was amazing that God showed up after we thought we were down with ministry and used us to help a Pastor bring his brother into a relationship with the Lord.
Having a student with me was even better than just doing it myself. Hopefully it showed him that it’s not just something for adults, but he as well has the chance to talk to people and lead them to Christ.

- Heath Clark, Youth Pastor in Ohio


How To Look Good While Helping People

Have you heard about the forced evictions that are happening in Cambodia? Basically, the Cambodian government sells land to foreign corporations, when that land rightfully belongs to the poor. In 2007, a block of land belonging to 1500 poor families was taken, and the people were forcefully moved to a rural area 20 kilometres aways from their homes, schools, and jobs. Life as they knew it would never be the same.


Some truly amazing Cambodian YWAM missionaries decided to partner with this community. When we first starting visiting them with our Mission Adventures teams in 2008, the local people were living in horrible, dirty and crowded conditions. There was the constant threat that families would sell their kids to pay off debts. The next year that we visited, our friends from YWAM were educating families and helping to provide schooling. The year after that, kids were reguarly attending school. And every year after that we have seen growth in the areas of community healthcare, discipleship and housing.

Now, we are honoured to play a large role in the next vital step of providing sustainable employment. Together, we have set up a sewing training and production centre in the community. We are currently employing five local women who are producing a beautiful range of fair trade designer clothing. Each women receives holistic training, fair wages with matched savings, and an amazing work environment.

You… our Mission Adventures family… can get involved!

Through a Kickstarter campaign, we are raising funds for the sewing centre. And in return for every pledge made, donors can select a reward from the clothing range produced by the team in Cambodia! We have until 27 August 2014 to raise a minimum of NZD $10,000 (about USD $8,000). We’d love to not only reach our goal, but exceed it! Would you take the time to visit our Kickstarter campaign, have a read, and consider sharing the link with people that you know? It would truly be a huge help and encouragement to us. Or make a pledge of your own to receive some new clothing… and you will look good while helping people.




God Transforms Lives

We just started our first week of #MissionAdventures for this summer! We had an amazing first day. Our team of 15 students and leaders from Grace Church of Mohemet in Illinois arrived around 1:30 PM (PST) after travelling since 3:00 AM (CST). They got situated into their rooms and then after a very brief “don’t drink the water” orientation, they hit the ground running.

They joined our full-time missionaries and training students for a ministry called Zone Kids.  Zone Kids is a ministry that a few of our missionaries started a few years ago after studying about Children at Risk.  Zone Kids focuses on the children and families living in the Red Light District of Tijuana, MEX by sharing the Love of God with them through games, crafts and Bible stories. 

One of the highlights of the Zone Kids Ministry is the Prayer Walk.  Missionaries, students and teams walk around a designated area to pray for the neighborhood, invite people to experience God’s love making connections with Zone Kids and handing out small trinkets like bars of soap or tooth brushes.  As our Mission Adventures students were walking around praying for the community, they had an encounter that changed the course of their expectations.  In the words of one of our missionaries, Michelle Sharrow, “We intercepted a man on the street about to buy some drugs & he ended up giving His life to Jesus! Pray that God continues doing miracles in the lives of the people we’re serving as well as the youth that are here expecting to be transformed from the inside out.”

1 Timothy 4:12 says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

We firmly believe that these high school students were exactly where they were supposed to be for this encounter and were able to stand strong, setting an example to this young man in their words, conduct, love, spirit, faith & purity.  Praise the Lord! We can’t wait to see what else He has in store.

#ywamsdm #ywamsdb #GodTransformsLives

Photo Credit: Michelle Sharrow


Love God

This past month we ran our first Missions Exposure, weekend mission trips for youth teams, here at YWAM Orlando. Below are some thoughts and a story from one of our staff.

“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Matthew 22: 36-40. 

This is what I got to witness while working with the youth this past weekend. They brought refreshment to us. Something the Lord has been teaching me, is that we are ALWAYS students in His army. I walked away learning from them! One particular student, Rodney, was a big part on teaching me to love the Lord with all my heart, soul and mind. 

Rodney and I ended up partnered together for one of our times doing street evangelism. Our task was to compliment ten people. As we were walking, he stoped and complimented a man, who happened to be a believer and as we engaged in conversation, this particular man  challenged him, asking him questions such as; “Why do you love the Lord? and do you really love the Lord?”.  Rodney’s answer was beautiful, with clarity, humility, and confidence he said, “Yes sir, I love the Lord very much.” He told his story about his family as well. Seeing how genuine his heart was while answering his question was simply beautiful to witness. The purity in Rodneys heart and his love for Jesus was obvious. 

Rodneys youth group had never done evangelism this particular way before and watching him walk out in boldness was so sweet! We were simply pulling random task, that exemplify Gods love, out of an envelope and trying to complete them. During our task of complimenting 10 people we prayed and asked the Lord who we could compliment and shortly after we encountered a women who was looking at her cellphone. Rodney went up to her and told her she was beautiful; she was so excited, she commented that it made her day!

That same evening, Rob Francis, one of our YWAM Orlando staff, shared about missions and really laying down our lives to serve him. After he shared, Rob had an alter call asking the students to trust God for their future in reaching those who are not reached. Rodney went up to the front with a few other students! He sat down next to me, I smiled at him, and he told me he was called to Vietnam. I was and still am amazed at how God is moving through him,  a youth who is understading Gods heart for the lost.

It was incredible to be a tiny speck of witnessing what God has in store for this young persons life. 

- Anonymous, YWAM Orlando Staff


Active Faith

Below is a story from one of our Spring Break staff who got to experience how MA changes the lives of youth!

This past week I staffed a Mission Adventures program, a week long mission trip for youth groups, and had the privilege of witnessing teenagers step into active faith. During our Gospel presentation night, the kids listened as people shared testimonies and told them about being in God’s glory, and how God gave His Spirit to us through His Son. With lights dimmed and music playing, Aaron challenged the kids to go and talk to one of us on staff if they wanted to begin a relationship with Jesus for the first time, or if they wanted to be prayed over. At first no one moved. We waited..and waited…and waited some more. I was starting to wonder if anyone was going to actually move.
Suddenly, two 6th grade girls came over to me with tears in their eyes. Cici approached me and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever actually had a relationship with Jesus.” She told me how she always knew about Him, but never felt like that relationship was ever actually hers. I was able to encourage her and pray with her to start that relationship for the first time. I knew it was hard for her to get up while all the older kids sat there, but I knew the Holy Spirit prompted her and it’s only a foreshadowing of the intense desire in her heart to pursue Jesus, which can’t be quenched from her peers’ opinions. This just sparked the fire!!

Throughout the week I saw amazing transformation in her life as a spirit of teachability was birthed in her. She took what she learned from that week to actively tell people on the streets about Jesus! I saw her heart break for the slaves of sex trafficking. She learned as William Wilberforce says, “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say that you did not know.” When she was taught that this issue is international and domestic she told me, “It’s really hard because now it’s in my mind and I can’t just get it out!” We were able to teach her how sex trafficking is relevant in America, even right here in Orlando! She now knows that she can play a part in stopping this slavery through prayer, support, and telling others she has the possibility to see this come to an end!!!

The week was amazing and ended with a bang! During our missions night we described life in closed, difficult, or unreached nations that we on staff have personally experienced in spreading the Gospel in places like East and Central Asia and India. Cici was telling one of our staff members that she felt God was calling her to spread His name in a country. When he asked her which country, she said, “I don’t wan’t to say yet, because I’m not sure it’s actually a country. Do you have a map?” As her finger traced over the surface of the map her eyes got bigger as she said, “ OH my gosh! Bangladesh is actually a country!” It was amazing that in the same week she learned about hearing God’s voice, she was burdened for a country that she didn’t even know existed. We’re very excited to see where God takes her and what He does with her and Bangladesh! In addition to Cici’s heart revelation, two other youth were moved by the Lord and committed to praying and eventually going to India!

- Bailey Danely, YWAM Orlando Staff


Big Prayers

I was reading tonight a book called “Circle Makers” and this line stood out to me, 
“God is for you. If you don’t believe that you’ll pray small timid prayers; if you do believe it then you’ll pray big audacious prayers.” 
This week I’m in Orlando working with YWAM and MA alongside other new MA leaders and staff from the southeast and I truly believe that God is for me, but even more I’m convinced God is for Mission Adventures! Do you believe it? If so, are you praying large and audacious prayers for your MA location and staff? 
God has been working during this training and I’m so excited about what he is doing and going to do in MA in North America and soon in Jax Beach! Make a list, be very specific, and boldly ask God to bless your ministry in this upcoming season and the future!
Hope to meet you all at Waves!



It's Official

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  It may seem ridiculous, but we have already created the hashtag for WAVES NA ‘14. While some of you may brush this off, saying you are too cool to hashtag, just remember that we know who you are. 

  Seriously though, I’m not a hashtag fanatic. However I have learned the value in using a few hashtags, especially when I’m attending an event. Who doesn’t love being able to find ALL the photos from every single person that instagrams at an event?! So let’s band together and hashtag this event out. Log this into the recesses of your mind for later and go register now if you haven’t! As you are registering/getting ready to come you could even use the hastag to let people know ;) #thisisreallyinadvance #weareontopofthings #imsoexcited #imjustdoingthistoannoysomepeople #ireallydoexpectyoutohastagatWAVES

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Side notes in reference to registering for WAVES NA:

  • Please make sure your flight, if flying in, arrives and departs in the spcified times. If you are unable to do so please talk to us before purchasing tickets!
  • Fly into the Orlando International Airport (MCO) 
  • Also you do NOT have to pay when you register, however the conference fee is due before April 25th.  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



The information is posted!

Check out the official WAVES page and REGISTER now!


Mission Adventures Internship!

REGISTRATION now available!

This Spring Mike and Rebekah Gervasi will be running an internship for all who would like a hands-on experience for learning the Mission Adventures program. These two weeks will be structured so that someone can, hopefully, walk away understanding the MA DNA, as well as, how to run effective life changeing MA program at their own location.
Come one, come all! And bring a friend :)