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Servant Auction

This type of event can be done at any time of the year. Have each of your team members commit to jobs for which they would hire-out. They might offer to cut grass, paint, shovel snow, baby-sit, clean house, or do laundry. The list is endless! Hold an auction during the fellowship or greeting time on Sunday. As the person and job offer is announced, a bidder can “hire” the team member and set up a time for the task to be accomplished. An hourly rate should be agreed upon or a flat rate set specific to the job.

Maximize the Impact: Combine the Auction with Another Event.

The Servant Auction can be combined with other church events or other special fundraising events. For example, if you have a pancake breakfast or a church picnic, make the centerpiece of the event the Servant Auction.

Be Sure to Let People Know that You'll Accept Donations Too. 

This goes without saying, but we're saying it anyway. Sometimes people just want to give without the hassle of having to “hire” one of your kids. So make sure you have an easy way for them to express their generosity!

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