Sheril, Teresa, & Beth at the NYWC via the Facebook Creeper LET’S ALL MEET SOME YOUTH WORKERS!

Tell Them About Your Ministry! Recruit Teams!
Once again the Mission Adventures Studio will host a booth at the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Conventions this fall. Literally thousands and thousands of youth workers and pastors attend these amazing events, and this is your big chance to meet them and share with them about your incredible outreaches. So plan now to attend:

San Diego • September 30 thru October 2, 2011
Atlanta • November 18 thru 20, 2011

Space is Limited so Sign Up by August 18, 2011

There’s an Exhibitor Fee of $1,500 USD. (A second person is an additional $250 USD.) This gets you a guaranteed spot in our fabulous M.A. Booth custom designed by the amazing Mission Adventures Booth Gnomes™. In addition you’ll get a fabulous booth shirt, a bunch of M.A. postcards, other cool stuff to give away to youth workers, and even your own custom business cards! But wait, there’s more! We’ll even take you out to a free lunch!



Reserve Your Space Online Today!
We’re using the fabulous Google Checkout service so you can quickly, easily, and securely reserve your space in the booth. So grab your Visa or Mastercard and use the handy tool above!


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Once you’ve registered, here are some super important things for you to do:

1. Reserve a Hotel Room Through the YS NYWC Site Here
You’ll get a special discount through Youth Specialties. Click here for San Diego. Click here for Atlanta. If you’d like to have a roommate, contact me and I’ll do my best to hook you up with one of our partners. Note: We’ll have limited YWAM Housing available in San Diego. Contact me for more info.

2. Download Our Fantabulous Marketing Mission Adventures Manual
This amazing document is filled with 36 pages of pure marketing excellence. It will help you prepare a great strategy for success at YS! Marketing MA at YS (165 KB PDF)

3. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for an Email with Your Customized Business Card
I’ll send you a PDF to proofread and approve. This way you’ll have your very own business card to give away at the big show!

4. Get a Plane, Train, or Bus Ticket to the Convention City
I’ve been using Kayak and Hipmunk lately. I love Hipmunk’s Agony filter. 

5. Pray for Divine Appointments with Youth Workers
There are teams out there that are destined to have an incredible outreach experience with you. God’s already preparing good works for them to walk out through your Mission Adventures ministry. So ask God for the nations, ask him for the teams! I think he can’t wait to answer you! 


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Here are a couple of downloadable resources you can use to help promote your Mission Adventures ministry: 

Mission Adventures Splat Logo
Here’s our super-cool “Splogo” for your use. This compressed .zip file has this logo in both EPS and JPEG versions. Just click the image at left to download these files to your hard drive. (600 KB .zip)




Mission Adventures Postcard Pack
Here’s an amazing series of postcards you can use to promote your Mission Adventures ministry. This compressed .zip file has all four postcards in the Go/Tell series in PDF format. (Not pictured is the Training card). Just click the image at left to download these files to your hard drive. (10.1 MB .zip)


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Visit the Youth Specialties Convention Site Here to learn everything there is to know about this fabulous event.